Raf Simons Archive Space Set To Open in Tokyo

By May 17, 2018Fashion News

The first display will display archive pieces from the early 1990s.

Following it’s new design, the Japanese retailer Fake Tokyo have revealed that a Raf Simons archive store will take the space of one floor. The archive will take over the basement floor, dabbed “RS ARCHIVES” and will consist of curated selections of the designer’s pieces in an aim to reflect a certain era or concept. The first to be displayed in the space will focus entirely on Raf Simons’ works from the early 1990s.


Taking over other space you can expect a multi-brand selection which will include 99%-IS, Gosha Rubchinsky and SIRLOIN on the first floor followed by the new “CANDY/” concept space on the second floor. The “CANDY/” concept space mixes fashion labels from non-fashion projects including a large selection of books from London-based IDEA.

The new store opens tomorrow, 18th May.