SPOTTED: Offset Sports Givenchy with Cardi B

The happy couple.

Offset, the American hip hop recording artist from Lawrenceville who is best known for being a member of the trap group, Migos, was spotted with his partner Cardi B after they headed out for the evening.

Specifically, The two adorned themselves for the night in a notable way, with Offset rocking a monochromatic Givenchy sweater paired up with a pair of technical pants, what appears to be a Chrome Hearts belt and finally a surplus of jewellery. As for Cardi B, the American rapper opted for a pure white tight-fitting dress while her vividly coloured shoes matched her hair through the use of gradient colouring.

Take a look at the two of them to the right, if you like what you see then click the following button to shop Offset’s sweater.

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