Face The Story: Debut Interview with Kaner Flex

By August 7, 2018Culture, Interviews

Benji Talks to Kaner Flex.

Benji Colson has just released the first issue of his online magazine ‘Face The Story’ in which he sits down with Kaner Flex.
From the Story:
Kaner Flex a different human from this earth, who is strong willed and heart with determination to succeed in anything that he desires in what will be beneficial for him. He never stop in believing in his dreams and goals, kaner is one kind hearted soul with a very wise open mind. His intelligence on how he moves his body is incredible. Kaner’s atheism is a true gift of art, he has expressed it in his own form in his own way and it has made him who he is today. With hard work and dedication you can make things that are hard look easy, to this day of the present there’s only one ‘KANER FLEX’.
Directed and shot by: Benji Colson
Videography: Amos Mukombero
Assisted by: Jack Thorpes
Clothing: Charli Cohen

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