Versace Drops an Array of Medusa-Branded Rings

By February 4, 2019Fashion News

For the flex.

The iconic Italian luxury fashion company that is Versace recently dropped a number of accessories that might just be perfect for that fashion-enthusiast who loves to flex.

Specifically, the label looked to an array of gold rings to build up the contents of their most recent set of offerings, all of which have utilized the fashion house’s instantly recognisable Medusa branding to adorn the majority of the pieces while embossed details, contrasting blacks and implanted crystals are used to round off a number of the rings individually.

As for what people are thinking of the items so far, some think that the prices that range between $325 and $475 should call for a higher standard of crafting but others believe they are fine as is. Take a look at them below to make your own mind up, if you like what you see then head over to SSENSE to shop your favourites.

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