The Best-Looking Headphones for Stylish Men

By September 5, 2019Fashion News

When it comes to headphones, we always find it hard to pick out something that’s of high quality, and at the same time, sounds good. It’s just impossible. Especially, if you are a dedicated audiophile and a man with a complicated and impeccable fashion taste. That’s why we’ve taken the time to look through the pages of products in order to come out with our top picks for headphones that not only look amazing, but that also come with guaranteed eargasms. So, prepare yourself for some serious decision making after you’re done reading.

Master & Dynamic: MH30 On-Ear Headphones

If leather is your style, then this beauty is the way to go. The MH30 combines comfort, and performance with looks. You’ll find that the combination of the metallic ear discs and the leather arc connecting them offers a sleek, modern vibe. The model is mainly available in two color schemes, blacks, and browns. For a badass look, we recommend the black scheme because it ranges from gunmetal gray to pure black. However, if you’re more of a classy listener, definitely go for the browns. As for the sound quality, the headphones offer a rich performance that suits all genres of music. Besides, they come with a carry case. What a bargain.

Bose: SoundSport Truly Wireless

The sound quality of this brand speaks for itself. There’s a reason why the brand is extremely well-known. Now, what impresses us about this model is the brand’s unique take on wireless headphones. As we found on Expert Web Travel, a website that compared top-notch headphone brands like Bose and Beats, this specific model is designed for listeners who want to get the most out of their workouts. On the quest for complete freedom of movement, Bose happened to stumble upon this futuristic design. It provides up to 5 hours of play and is available in blue, bright orange, ultraviolet with midnight blue, and the classic black. Needless to say, this pair only consists of earbuds and absolutely no wires whatsoever.

Skullcandy Riff On-Ear Headphones with Microphone

The brand has always been known for its stylish designs and skater-friendly reputation. As for the Riff design, the large ear cushions and the plain outer design give off a cool feel that’s only amplified by the high-quality performance of the product. In addition, as expected from Skullcandy, the design is available in over five colors to cater to all tastes. So, if you’re looking for cheap headphones with a simple, yet captivating design, we recommend you go with the Riff.

After reading about those three beautiful models, we won’t be surprised if you’re finding it a bit hard to make a decision. So, to help out here’s a little piece of advice. Keep your eyes on your priorities. If you value quality more than appearance, then that’s what you should be looking for. On the other hand, if appearance is your main concern, adjust your search criteria. You’ll find this helpful when picking out a brand since every brand has its area of expertise.

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