Big Sean Talks Wellness, Acting & more for SSENSE

By November 1, 2019Fashion News

Big Sean's Wellness Awakening.

Sitting down with SSENSE to talk about the latest in his life, Big Sean spoke to the online retailer recently about wellness, acting for Lena Waithe and his home life.

On health:

I meditate every day. At least 5-6 times a week. I have a journal where I write down my affirmations, sometimes daily, sometimes for the week. Lately I’ve been working out a lot. When I really need to get away, there’s a few spots I go to that are just personal to me. Little escape spots in the middle of nature. Nature is definitely something that calms me down. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I overload.

On his friendship with Lena Waite:

I invited Lena over to hear my album, and she came to my crib. She was rapping me stuff from my other albums and I played her the [new] music, and then was telling her where I was at in life. She was like, “It’s almost like it’s screaming at me for you to play this role.” So then she had a chef come over to my house another night and make dinner for me and my mom. She formally asked, “I have this idea for you to play this role.” That goes to show how classic of a person she is, her believing in me and giving me that chance.

Check out more images from the shoot below or head over to SSENSE for the full story.


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