Gucci Relaunch Equilibrium Program to Promote Inclusivity and Sustainability

By June 10, 2020Fashion News

Committing to People & Planet.

Initially introduced in June 2018, Gucci recently announced the relaunch of their Equilibrium initiative which champions their ongoing sustainability plans and efforts to combat discrimination.

Utilised as a platform to outline and document their commitment to People and Planet, recent events have stirred the Italian powerhouse to double down on the project. Speaking on the news, Marco Bizzarri, president and CEO of Gucci, commented:

“Gucci is driven by the issues that are fundamentally influencing and creating our collective future, It is paramount that we build this future to be more equitable, where injustice and discrimination in all their forms are not allowed to prevail. In light of current events, our unwavering commitment to combat racism and fight for equality is now even stronger.”

Thoughts? Check out more via the dedicated Instagram & website now.


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