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Once a frontier and ranching country, Montana is now thriving on tourism. Two small towns in the southwest part of the state are known as the northern gateway to the famous Yellowstone National Park. Although it has a population of only 49,000, Bozeman is relatively large for Montana. Just 23 miles to the southeast, you can find Livingston’s small historic town on the northern entrance of the largest National Park in the US.

Foreigners that want to visit spacious and beautiful Montana need travel authorization. What is an ESTA Visa? Since 2009, the US administration made documentation procedures simple for visitors from countries in the Visa Waiver program. Tourists from these 39 countries need ESTA approval to visit the US for up to 90 days. They need to fill out questions in a straightforward online application form and wait for three days for the administration to process the application.

Livingston MT weather

Because of the high-altitude and its location in the US’s northern continental part, Livingston weather changes fast. It is also known as one of the region’s windiest cities, which amplifies the sense of cold.

The best time to visit this scenic town close to numerous natural and historic attractions is during the summer months when the temperatures are warm and hot. The downside of summer Montana visits is big crowds that flock to Yellowstone. Spring is the second most hyped season in Livingston, but the weather could be moody with snow even in May. Chill starts with the fall season, and winter is far too cold for a comfortable visit. January and winter months do not have high precipitation, so there is no assurance you will find snow, despite the cold weather.

Livingston attractions

One of the well-preserved historic buildings is the Livingston Depot, built-in 1902. A museum is a great place to start exploring its own. It is also a community center with various events. The city lies on the Yellowstone River. Among many available outdoor activities kayaking on the river through the Paradise Valley is an excellent choice.

As a tourist town, Livingston has a couple of interesting art galleries. In the summer months, there are organized Art Walks. You can explore the artwork and walk down the historic downtown Livingston.

Livingston rodeo has a 94 years-old tradition, and the event is sold out in advance. Visit the Fourth of July spectacle with a traditional western rodeo and enjoy the fireworks.

Another part of town history is the Murray Hotel, where the old western style meets modern amenities. Book a room where Buffalo Bill once slept and enjoy your stay.

Livingston MT restaurants

Livingston has a lively gastronomic scene. There are a couple of great breweries. Katabatic Brewing Company has a large selection of beers and live music on some weekdays. Neptune’s Brewery has a pleasant vibe and not so high-profile atmosphere.

A 2nd Street Bistro is a great place for lunch, and the meals are made out of local ingredients. There is also a great selection of drinks and authentic liquor.

If you want to grab a pizza, Gil’s Goods has a wood-fired oven and locally sourced ingredients to make the perfect circle. They also offer a famous burger with certified Angus Beef and have a huge beer list.

Local favorites Pinky’s Café and Faye’s Café are great places for big-serving breakfast and Mustang Fresh Food for dinner.

Mark’s In & Out is a fast-food joint with incredible milkshakes standing since 1954. You can also grab fries, onion rings, hot dogs, and other quick bites.

Empire Theater Livingston Montana

Since 1935 Livingston has a large theater for almost 700 people. Once known as State Theater, it became Empire Twin Theater with two auditoriums. The building has interesting architecture, with a recognizable theater look and a large vertical sign on the triangular marquee. It is a great place to hide from the harsh wind and chill that can descend in a minute in Livingstone.

Town and country Livingston MT

If you need to restock during a Midwest road trip, the best shopping destination in Livingston and Bozeman is Town and Country Foods. Since 1966, a small shop emerged as the county’s largest chain with a couple of locations. The supermarket chain is completely employee-owned, and it is known for great working conditions and affordable prices.

Before making reservations for the Montana visit, make sure you answered all of the ESTA application questions and wait until the administration resolves your request. You need to have ESTA Visa 72 hours before your flight, and with the travel authorization, there is a two-year window to go to the US.

Bottom line

A small community 80 miles north of Yellowstone still looks like a frontier town in Wild West. Picturesque surroundings always attract famous artists and crowds of tourists. The city appeared in quite a few popular movies. Downtown Livingston has plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops. Before you explore the huge Yellowstone National Park, you can take a look at Yellowstone Gateway Museum.

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