Newbie’s Guide to Playing at Free Casinos That Offer Real Money Prizes!

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Once upon a time, back in the late 90’s when the Internet wasn’t so widespread, people would go online just to send a couple of emails, or see what’s new on Yahoo and log off. Games of chance were also available back then, but were limited to the hardware and the software of that time, which did not attract much attention.

As technology progressed, the Internet was used anywhere, for anything, and at any time. In that parallel, casino games evolved as well. That’s when the gaming experience was revolutionized.

Slowly, the thrills and chills of winning and playing with high stakes became a new form of entertainment. However, playing casino games is still regarded as a taboo by some people, especially by new players who hesitate about spending real money. Luckily, there are casinos that give new players a chance to play free games without spending a dime, and still win awesome prizes.

If you belong to that group of people, and you want to play in a casino that offers free spins and win real money as a reward, then you’ve arrived at the right place. You wonder, how do you sign up to play in this type of casino? We will go into more detail below.


Free Competitions!

These casinos are popular with users with their super fun slot competitions, which they organize for free. Can you imagine?! It is a magnificent journey from start to finish. It is simple to participate too! Go to the casino site, create an account, and choose a slot competition you want to enter. There are countless free slot competitions to choose from, varying from daily, weekly and monthly. The prizes you win depend on the rank you get, the higher on the ladder, the better the award!

Countless of Slots to play

Casinos that offer spin and win real money experience have enormous slot lobbies packed with fantastic graphics for everyone’s choice. From classic designs to visually and auditorily advanced themes that can easily be compared to console or PC video game standards. Even though the available slots to some daily competitions are picked beforehand, the weekly and monthly ones usually cover slots from the entire lobby.

Win a Friendship Too!

New friendships can be considered as winning, right? One can say that the real reward is the friendships you make with a like-minded community, while playing at slot competitions! You can meet your competitors and chat with them in the slot competition dashboard. A competitive banter here and there, some laughs and jokes, and a new last longing friendship could be born.

Real Money Prizes

Playing for free and still winning real money prizes? What is this sorcery – you may ask. Well, it is a win-win for new players. Once you collect your points from the slot competition, you can use them at the casino loyalty shop on casino bonuses to play at real money casinos.

The final step is…

After you’ve had your fun with playing slot games, stepping up the competition ladder, online casino sites will try to lure you to the next stage of your casino experience. It is recommendable that you first read the casino review before you start playing games of chance for real money. In addition, reviews will help you to find welcome bonuses that offer free spins, and limited deposit bonus rewards with only one click.

Final Words

Casinos that offer spin and win real money opportunities are the perfect stepping stone for new iGamers. They provide players with the ideal starting experience of having fun and winning prizes, before they start spinning for real money. The adrenaline rush and dopamine levels come as cherries on the top. We hope this article helped you decide. May the odds be in your favour!

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