Best Shaving Products For Black Men To Stop Razor Bumps

By August 9, 2021Grooming

Razor bumps can be a real problem for black men. Also known as ingrown hairs, razor bumps are often formed after shaving and present themselves as small dark bumps around hair follicles. A bad shaving experience can also result in razor burn, an equally annoying and painful medical issue. There are many shaving products for black skin that can help avoid razor bumps and ensure a healthy, clean shave. These treatments range from creams and balms to quality razors and quality shaving kits, allowing you to prevent ingrown hairs altogether. To help you find the right products, we’ve compiled a list of the best razor bump treatments for black skin.

What Are Razor Bumps?

After shaving, the little red bumps that appear on the neck or face are called razor burn. It is a sign that the skin is irritated and turning into a small rash. At its most mild, it will only create that itchy, red rash and disappear within a few days. If the razor burn becomes a regular occurrence, it’s possible that your condition can worsen and turn into razor bumps, which are a more severe type of razor burn. They are caused by ingrown hairs and present as pimples at first glance. Men with curly beards are more susceptible to razor bumps.

Use A Quality Shaving Cream

When going for a clean-shaven look, you’ll need to invest in a quality shaving cream to create a moisture buffer between your razor and skin. The right creams are made of natural ingredients and prepare your skin before a shave. According to, you can even use shaving cream with an electric razor to protect your skin and prevent razor bumps and burn.

Soften The Beard

A soft beard is key to making shaving easy and quick. After a long, hot shower, beard hairs are moist and easily manipulated to fall right off the skin. The more billowy the beard, the harder it will be to get a close shave. From quality grooming products to conditions, you can make your facial hair softer and easier to work with, giving you a better shave.


Exfoliating is one of the top ways to ensure beard health. Although it seems like it would have the opposite effect, exfoliating is one of the number one ways to prevent dry skin. Not only that, but it can eliminate ingrown hairs before they even begin. For those looking to save money, exfoliators can be made at home by mixing coconut oil, granulated sugar, and an essential oil of choice.

Apply A Balm or Moisturizer

Applying a natural beard balm and daily moisturizer after shaving is just the thing to help soothe your skin. According to, balms and lotions can lock in moisturize, nourish your face, and protect your skin, keeping it soft and smooth. You’ll want to use your moisturizing product daily after a shower to maximize the benefits and minimize irritation.

Use A Badger Brush

Once lathering up the beard, a classic badger brush will make a maximum impact on the grown hair. It will assist in getting the hairs under each whisker. After doing that, the beard will be far easier to shave because it is taken care of the right way.

Shave with The Grain

To avoid razor burn and irritation, you’ll want to always shave with the grain, meaning the direction of hair growth. While this tip is generally well-known, some guys try to get a closer shave by going against. According to Healthline, black men can limit the chance of getting razor burn and skin irritation by playing it safe. Although it may take more time and effort, the experience is worth it.

Use A Safety Razor

Many people are fixated on their five-blade razors that claim to revolutionize the shaving game. Although the ergonomic shape and innovative design are temping, a classic safety razor is the true frontrunner when it comes to shaving devices. By only having one razor, it eliminates the overkill and damage, leaving the skin looking better and eliminating skin irritation.

Use Short Light Strokes

A huge problem when shaving is putting far too much pressure on the razor, which reflects back on the skin with razor burn. According to, short light strokes make for a closer and cleaner shave all around the face and neck. The longer the stroke, the more pressure is put on the razor.

Use A Sharp Razor

A poorly sharpened razor is a recipe for skin irritation and razor burn. A dull razor is going to drag along the face and cut instead of shave. Along with small cuts, it will cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Safety razors are easily replaceable and cheap, meaning you can change the blades regularly without the extra expense.

Rinse Your Face with Cold Water

Hot water is notorious for opening the pores so you’ll want to splash cold water to close the pours and protect against bacteria. Additionally, it can reduce the probability of ingrown hairs.

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