True Religion and Jaffa Saba Embrace Japanese Art Forms for Capsule Collection

By September 8, 2021Fashion News

Re-using old fabrics.

True Religion has enlisted the services of Jaffa Saba for a second collaboration that digs into the brand’s roots. Titled the “Sashiko Samurai Collection,” the handmade capsule combines two Japanese art forms.

Saba, who wrapped a Land Rover Defender in denim at Selfridges for their first collaboration, has used the Japanese craft of “Sashiko” which is a traditional method of stitching or embroidery which is used either decoratively or to add reinforcements to a garment. Combining this with patchworking and distressing gives this denim collection a familiar, worn feel.

Japan also formed part of the inspiration for Saba as he referenced the art of the construction of Samurai armour to create “Boro” battle-esc garments. The term “Boro” refers to indigo-dyed hemp cotton which is worn by labourers and rural Japanese communities, often being handed down over many generations. These garments and textiles would have been looked down upon centuries ago but are now celebrated by Saba for their unique appeal and stories that they hold.

In a statement, the London-based designer says that, “It’s always been about the imperfections. Sentimental value comes with uniqueness. Consistent anomalies are equal to individual beauty.”

See the full collection below, which has been hand-made from offcuts, reclaimed second-hand material, off-season/sample pieces and recycled cotton thread. The True Religion X Jaffa Saba “Sashiko Samurai Collection” is available exclusively from Browns Fashion.

PHOTO CREDIT: True Religion

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