Drôle de Monsieur Breaks Cultural Traditions with AW22 Collection

By September 16, 2022Fashion News

'La Recontre' collection is available now.

Embracing the impact that streetwear has had on the fashion industry and the crossover it has achieved with luxury fashion, Drôle de Monsieur carries on this attitude of decontextualising tradition with their autumn/winter 2022 collection. The capsule is titled “La Recontre” which translates to a hostile meeting or encounter, it celebrates the beauty of opposites and the power shift in the modern world that sees unconventional ideas uplifted like never before. As an unconventional pair of designers themselves; being from outside of the French capital with no professional background in fashion, they both put their mark on the fashion space with their iconic pieces with the “Not From Paris Madame” logo.

This collection is no different, keeping their modern and elegant streetwear looks that have clear references to 90s and ‘normcore’ fashion. The cuts are relaxed yet tasteful and the patterns are bold yet sophisticated. The floral pattern in particular brings a vintage, bold touch when paired alongside more understated pieces that don’t overpower the rest of the items; the perfect statement piece.

Check out the lookbook below.


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