Talks fashion, TikTok virility and becoming an African popstar.

Stylist: Joshua Meredith // @joshuameredith
Photographer: Josh Upton // @josh_upton_
Interview: Lynn Mongameli // @mongamelii
Talent: JOEBOY // @joeboyoffical

Music’s worst-kept secret, Joeboy is the Nigerian song star that is set to take over the international stage. An Afropop artist who’s on a mission to shift the landscape of music with his flair for infectious melodies, Joeboy took a co-sign from fellow Afrobeats star, Mr Eazi and never looked back – crafting a stellar career that has seen the release of multiple popular songs since his breakout single ‘Baby.’

Topping music charts from Nigeria to the UK, since graduating from Mr Eazi’s #emPawa100 talent incubator programme, the Lagos State singer has blazed a trail that has seen him not only become one of the most exciting artists to watch, but also a voice of a generation. We caught up with Joeboy to discuss music, fashion and TikTok virality.

Top: Fiorucci, Bottoms: Due Dilligence

Joeboy, glad to speak with you. How are things going for you at the moment?

Same here! Well, things have been great generally. It’s been back-to-back new music from me and I’m loving the energy.

Your rise has been undeniable. Has it been everything you thought it would be?

I’ve always wanted to make music that everyone can connect with and that’s why I sing mostly about my life experiences. So far it’s been everything I thought it would be.

How does it feel to be a pop star?

It feels great, creating music that makes people happy as well as helping them get through a rough patch is a blessing in itself.

You’ve been referred to as an African Popstar. To you, does that make any difference? I mean a popstar is a popstar, right?

I wouldn’t say it makes any difference but I definitely understand where it’s coming from. My roots are always going to be important in how I’m been perceived globally, hence the “African” part of it.

You went viral on TikTok and that helped your single ‘Sip (Alcohol)’ really take off. In 2022 how difficult is it as an artist to not fall into the trap of trying to catch a viral TikTok moment?

For me, music has power of its own, so if it’s going to hit then there’s nothing that can truly box it. Why chase a TikTok hit when you can connect to the world through your music and they’d feel it. Tiktok or not.

You’ve amassed a reputation for making songs that are short and to the point. It’s almost become your calling card. What inspired this?

Hahaha, It’s not even intentional, I just end up making really short songs and it always felt so good and complete for me. So I guess “the shorter the better”.

Your music is filled with infectious melodies and your lyrics appear to be centred on love but your latest single sees you experiment with a blend of Caribbean vibes – how did that come about?

I’m inspired by what I’m experiencing and also what I’ve been listening to. Lately, I’ve been enjoying a lot of dancehall music, and “Likkle Riddim” just feels like the perfect song for me right now.

You also recently did an exclusive performance of your single ‘Spiritual Gbedu’ on A Colours Show. How was that experience?

“Spiritual Gbedu” as the name implies is one of those records that hits deep. It was only right I let people experience that in a live session. It was beautiful.

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Jekeun jacket, Axel Arigato shoes, Axel Arigato shades, Fiorucci top & Supplier bottoms

What’s life on the road like for Joeboy?

Less sleep, more human interaction. Also, it involves learning about the city, the people, and the culture, and most importantly exploring a few places while I’m there.

When it comes to fashion, would you say you’re a uniform dresser or do you create an outfit based on how you’re feeling on the day?

I mostly dress based on how I’m feeling at that moment. I’m also big on simplicity. For me, you can be simple and still classy and stylish.

What do fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion is one of the ways we can express our personality, our brand, and what we’re about and even feeling on different occasions.

Who is your muse, fashion-wise?

Myself, I am my own muse!

What are your go-to brands?

Any brand works for me, so long as they fit my style basically.

As most creatives do, will we see Joeboy venture into the fashion world?

Honestly, it depends. I might and I might not. In the next couple of years if I find something I really like and I want to mass produce, then yeah I would do it.

What’s one thing you want people to know about you? How would you like to be thought of, as an artist?

 I just want to be remembered for my music and everything I’ve been able to achieve with it. How my music helped people go through life, and how my music served as an inspiration to many.

Jekeun jacket, Axel Arigato shades & Fiorucci top 

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