Coca-Cola® Drop Limited-Edition Flavour with Grammy Award Winning, Boundary-Breaking Artist Rosalía

‘Taste the Transformation'

Your favourite Latin superstar, Rosalía is ready to bring a little fizz back into your life as the Grammy Award winning artist injects her infectious personality straight into the can of her daring new Coca-Cola® Creations flavour as the pair team up for their boldest collaboration to date in celebration of the transformational power of music.  

Captivating the hearts of millions across the globe through her music, style and well, simply being Rosalía, the Spanish phenomenon has managed to encapsulate her lovable ways through a striking can design that combines vibrant, contrasting colours with playful hand-drawn doodles and iconic Coca-Cola® branding.  

And that’s not it! To accompany the genre-bending collaboration, Rosalía herself will be dropping an exclusive multi-language single titled ‘Lie Like You Love Me’ that will serve as the soundtrack to the dynamic launch video. 

“As a longtime Coca-Cola fan, I’m excited to co-create a drink that encapsulates my unfolding journey across music, fashion, and other passions, along with a new song, Lie Like You Love Me, that I wrote to accompany this launch,” said Rosalía. 

Marking the ground-breaking launch further with a cinematic experience and personality quiz on the Coca-Cola® Creations Hub, the Rosalía x Coca-Cola® Creations flavour is now ready and on-stage ready for your enjoyment.  


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