Dr. Martens Launch Limited-Edition ‘Broken In’ Zine with Original Shift

Transcending Eras & Regions.

In tribute to an icon that’s had a cultural impact like no other, Dr. Martens and Original Shift have teamed up to launch a limited-edition zine that tells the inspirational stories of the freethinkers, wavemakers, and rulebreakers who have come to define the brand of Dr. Martens.  

From a humble work boot to a symbol of subcultural movements, ‘Broken In’ will delve into the history of the brand whilst exploring its tight-knit relationship with the music world.  

Curated through a shared commitment to influential youth movements, substance, and longevity, the anthology will span 100+ pages and feature archival imagery sourced from the Museum of Youth Culture.  

Brought to life by the next generation of creatives including London-born rapper Jeshi, the project’s energetic campaign captures the unique bond shared between talent and brand alongside the endless styling possibilities of the classic 1460 and 1461 silhouettes. 

Learn more about the collaborative campaign at

Check out the ‘Broken In’ campaign imagery below.  


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