The Purple Collection Captures the Contemporary Expression of Fluidity

By May 1, 2023Fashion News

The Purple Collection.

In the face of the pandemic, we found more than we bargained for. In retrospect, perhaps better than worse. Awakened by thoughts, ideas, concepts, and a desire to escape, The Purple Collection was born. Lo and behold a purple-inspired, fashion-forward brand for everyone.

“I’ve always liked to turn my passions and hobbies into career prospects so I thought, why not start a fashion brand” says Susanna Odedina, the Founder and CEO.

There is no greater way to fulfil your creative potential than starting your own business.

“When it came to building TPC, I love challenges so I decided to create bespoke items for my clothing line and hone in on the colour purple”

Through the colour itself, the fashion brand intends to convey a deeper meaning. Acquiring the power to evoke emotions and bring people together through its symbolism, they strive to create beautiful clothing designs and art pieces that allow people to express themselves and connect with each other through a shared appreciation of the beauty of purple.


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