Navigating Men’s Fashion: Expert Haircare Tips For Men Seeking A Fresh Look

By July 11, 2023Guest Post

When it comes to men’s fashion, the spotlight often falls on clothing, shoes, and accessories. However, a man’s hair can be the standout feature that either completes or detracts from a carefully curated look. Modern men recognise that a stylish outfit can only truly shine when paired with well-maintained and groomed hair. Today we’ve prepared a handy guide, that will provide you with expert insights on some of the best things you can do to achieve a great new look. The tips below are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair in the world of fashion.

Understand Your Hair Type

Just as fabrics and fits vary, so do hair types. Recognising your hair’s specific needs is the first step to ensuring it looks its best. For example, typically smooth and shiny, straight hair can sometimes lack volume. Therefore, you may want to consider styles that add some texture or lift at the roots. On the other hand, while curly hair can be a challenge, it’s also a unique feature. If you have curly hair, embrace its natural texture and explore products that define and reduce frizz. Also, wavy hair is a versatile hair type that offers a range of styling options, from casual tousled looks to more refined, slicked-back styles.

Address Hair Concerns

Hair challenges, such as thinning or a receding hairline, can affect a man’s confidence. Understanding it is the first step in effectively managing and, in some cases, reversing its effects. This is why, it might be worth exploring different hair loss treatments to help you address hair loss and promote the growth of new hairs. From tablets to shampoos, you can find a variety of prescription and nonprescription treatments at Oxford Online Pharmacy. You can also have an online consultation with a GMC-registered doctor, who can provide you with a personalised hair loss treatment plan.

Incorporate Current Hair Trends

Fashion and hair go hand in hand. Being aware of the latest hair trends ensures that your style remains fresh and contemporary. Keep an eye on fashion magazines, online platforms, and social media influencers to stay updated. However, before making any drastic changes, have a chat with your trusted barber or hairstylist. They can provide insights on whether a particular trend will suit your face shape, hair texture, and overall look. Feel free to take elements from various trends and combine them to create a unique style. It could be as simple as blending a contemporary haircut with a classic beard style. 

Consider The Impact Of Hair Products And Tools

It’s easy to be lured into the plethora of hair products and tools available in the market, but it’s vital to choose wisely. Invest in high-quality products that nourish your hair rather than just providing a temporary style fix. Avoid products that contain harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates. They might offer a great look momentarily but can damage your hair in the long run. Also, you should think about the impact that heat tools can have on your hair health. While heat tools can offer a fantastic finish, excessive use of hair dryers or straighteners can cause damage. Ensure you use them in moderation and always with a heat protectant.

Establish A Haircare Routine

Consistency is key in both fashion and haircare, so regular maintenance ensures that your hair remains in top condition and complements your style. It’s important to establish a haircare routine that you can stick to. For example, you should ensure that you get regular trims, as this will help eliminate split ends and maintains the shape of your hairstyle. Be sure to buy quality shampoos and conditioners suitable for your hair’s specific needs. Also, you can introduce regular deep conditioning or hair masks to provide added nourishment. 

Look For Fashion Accessories

Your hair itself can be an accessory, but sometimes, it’s about how it pairs with actual fashion accessories. For example, you may want to get hats or caps, as you will likely find a variety of stylish options. Moreover, they can help shield your hair from the elements. However, you should ensure that they aren’t too tight, as this way you can prevent unnecessary stress on your hair follicles. Also, when it comes to sunglasses, remember that these will often rest on your head. So, you should ensure that your hairstyle can handle this without becoming overly dishevelled.

Look After Your Scalp

While hair gets most of the attention, the scalp plays an equally crucial role in ensuring your hair’s health and vitality. Keeping your scalp clean can help prevent issues like dandruff or follicle clogging, which can stunt hair growth. Choose a shampoo tailored to your scalp type, be it oily, dry, or sensitive. Regular scalp massage not only feels therapeutic but also boosts blood circulation, promoting healthier hair growth. In addition, it may be best to avoid tight hairstyles like a tight bun or braids, which can strain your roots and affect your scalp health.

Transform Your Diet

Fashion isn’t just about external appearances. It’s deeply intertwined with how we treat our bodies internally. Therefore, you should try to optimise your nutrition by adding foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, which can significantly benefit your hair health. Be sure to incorporate fish, nuts, and green leafy vegetables into your diet. Also, it can be a good idea to avoid excess sugar and processed foods, as they don’t just affect your physique but can also impact the health of your hair.

Achieve A Balance Between Your Hair And Beard

Achieving a harmonious look between your hairstyle and beard is crucial. Your hair and beard should not compete but complement. If you have a bold, voluminous hairstyle, a neatly trimmed beard might balance it out, and vice versa. The beard requires as much attention as your hair. Use beard oils to keep it soft, and consider shampoos specifically designed for facial hair. Regular trims will ensure it maintains its shape. If you’re considering colouring your hair or beard, aim for consistency. A vast difference in shades can look jarring, detracting from your overall appearance. 

Select Styles For Different Occasions 

Just like your clothes, your hair can also be adjusted based on the occasion. When it comes to casual outings, you may want to opt for more relaxed, easy-going hairstyles. A tousled look or simple comb-over can be ideal. If you’re hitting the gym or going for a run, consider styles that keep hair away from your face, like a short crop or a man bun for those with longer hair. However, in terms of formal events, neat, slicked-back styles or sharply defined parts can elevate your look, giving it a sophisticated touch. 

Adapt And Evolve

As you age, your hair may naturally undergo changes in thickness, texture, and even colour. You may experience different environmental conditions that can impact your hair’s health, or you might simply decide to try a new look that requires a shift in your haircare routine. The key here is to remain adaptable and open to evolution. Pay close attention to how your hair responds to different products, treatments, and styles, and be willing to make changes when needed. Always keep in mind that what worked for your hair in your twenties might not be as effective in your forties. Consult professionals for advice when you’re unsure, and always consider your overall health and wellness in your approach to haircare. 

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