Dress to Impress: What to Wear for a Night at the Casino

By November 19, 2023Guest Post

Are you ready to release your inner James Bond to the world? We assume you are reading this because you would like to know how to dress your best for a fun night of glitz and glamour at your local casino. So, whether you live in London or Leeds, California or Washington DC, this guide will ensure that you are the best dressed person at your favourite casino.

As we head into 2024, it must be stated that 90% of casinos no longer have strict dress codes. Many gamblers go for the smart casual look – jeans and a shirt or polo shirt. However, psychology states that if you look good, then you are also more likely to feel good, which can’t be a bad thing if you are about to sit down and play Poker or Blackjack. Therefore, for a little bit of extra ‘run good’ and confidence, we highly recommend dressing as well as possible. Keep reading and we will give you some top tips on what to wear for a casino night so that you will stand out from the crowd and look your sharpest.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Suited and Booted

There are plenty of men who don’t feel comfortable wearing a suit. Some don’t feel they are worthy of wearing a suit, which is not an ideal mindset. We advise that if you feel this way, just to punch through the anxiety of how you think others will perceive you and wear a suit to the next event you attend. If you are looking for an excuse to wear a suit to conquer any anxieties, then most casinos are open 24/7 and will give you the first opportunity to get suited and booted.

Of course, one of the keys to looking good in a suit is by wearing a good suit. The most important aspect of a suit, and indeed any item of clothing, is the fit. Ideally, you would get a suit tailored to your exact fit, but since these can be expensive, we can understand buying an off-the-shelf suit which can still fit remarkably well. If you need to buy a suit, then it is important to go to a retailer and try some on, unless you know your exact fit, then you can shop online.

For the casino, the standard black suit, white shirt and black-tie combination works great. You can wear a wristwatch too to complete the look.

Dress Shoes are as Important as Ever

Never be in doubt, your choice of shoes is important. Everyone who sees you will notice your shoes, so do not fall into the trap of thinking a sharp suit will ensure nobody will look down. You can’t go wrong with polished black shoes when wearing a suit.

It should go without saying, but trainers with a suit are a no, no. Unless you are David Beckham, you cannot pull this look off, so don’t even try it! Of course, brown shoes work too, but only with certain suits and styles. If you are in doubt, then go for black, this classic look never fails.

The Stylish Casual Look

If you simply do not want to wear a suit under any circumstances, then you can still dress elegantly. A smart casual look is wide ranging, but we are particularly fond of a nice-looking jumper matched with smart trousers or chinos.

There are several looks you can go for here, a grey jumper matched with dark blue or tan coloured chinos looks great. You can even pair this look with sneakers. Don’t forget to wear a wristwatch though to give the look a little more formality and sophistication.

Hats or Sunglasses?

Since casinos are located indoors, we would normally say a strict no to combining your look with a hat or sunglasses. However, casinos are very bright places with extremely harsh lighting, so we actually recommend a baseball cap or sunglasses.

Certainly, sunglasses will combine better with your choice of clothes, so if it is a choice between the two, we can recommend sunglasses. You can easily take them on and off, they will not potentially mess up your hair and the right ones will enhance how you look even more.

All Ready and Set for the Casino?

We hope this Pause Mag guide has given you some good tips as to the best way to dress when you’re heading out to a casino. Of course, there are other options if you would like to stay in. The top online casinos in 2024 will give you the opportunity to play from your living room, the casinos with the highest payout rates are usually found online too.

All that is left for us to say is we wish you the best of luck on the tables, but even if you do lose, then at least you will look great regardless! Just always remember to gamble responsibly.

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