Fear of God Essentials Drops SS24′ Lookbook

Calm & Collected.

Fear of God has released imagery for their SS24′ collection, highlighting the use of light nylon outwear and a fine selection of comfortable cotton. 

The Essentials line by Jerry Lorenzo has often served as a jumping-off point for many fans of his main label, Fear of God. Priced significantly lower than the main line and its sometimes exuberant cost, Essentials offers exactly what it’s named after. Their hoodies made waves throughout the pandemic as people were in need of a comfortable and sophisticated design with a label to draw eyes, as well as an affordable price point. 

Their Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers more of the same, featuring slouchy sweatpants with bone-coloured drawstrings and an array of hoodies featuring their stamped logo in the centre of the chest. Nylon bomber jackets and denim coats make up the majority of the outerwear, with the bombers featuring extended, popped collars. Activewear seems to be breaking into the collection as well in the form of women’s biker shorts and cotton twill pants, with a fashion that appears suitable for sweating in the gym. 

Take a peek at the entire collection in the image gallery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Fear of God Essentials

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