SPOTTED: Shai Gets in his Bag Wearing 424 & Canada Goose

Aura +1000.

Shai’s “aura” levels seem to know no bounds as the captivating baller stays firmly on top of the world as the high-flying sportsman debuts what looks to be a debut collaboration alongside new brand partner, Canada Goose.

Boasting a KidSuper x Canada Goose x NBA collaboration as one his debut fashion escapades, the only way was up for Shai and his creative endeavours from that point forth, with this newest teaser suggesting that there is still much more to come from the Canadian star. More specifically, these ventures for the time being look set to be alongside outdoor apparel brand Canada Goose, with Shai taking to his social media to share a new look at what looks to be an unreleased Canada Goose jacket. Potentially being in collaboration with the man himself, the piece boasts a multi-camouflage design style utilising shades of grey and white as well as the more known green colour scheme, with a curled and cropped collar and hem adding a striking design touch to this currently nameless piece. Additionally, the fan favourite point guard opted for a matching pair of 424 Camo Shorts on the bottom half, rounding out the look with a pair of black zip-up boots and a pair of black sunglasses.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a pair of 424 Camo Shorts now.


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