Timbaland Teams Up with Vivobarefoot to Create Unique Barefoot Shoe “The Motus Strength”

How the Hip-Hop legend found his feet.

Timbaland, an iconic figure who has transformed our understanding of music through his fusion of diverse genres and innovative production techniques, is now venturing into the natural health lifestyle. Timbaland – or Tim, as he’s called by those who know him best – prevailed against the odds, but not without his share of collateral damage. The man had everything, but something was missing.

Celebrating the profound connection between music, movement, health, and inner well-being, Timbaland has embarked on an exclusive partnership with Vivobarefoot. This collaboration adds cultural depth to Vivobarefoot’s mission of reconnecting people to nature and their natural potential, promoting a lifestyle that harmonizes artistic expression with personal health. Spearheaded by Timbaland, this new campaign bridges the realms of culture and wellness, encouraging authentic living through natural movement and rhythm.

As part of this journey, Timbaland has personally experienced the benefits of barefoot footwear, which restored a natural feel to his feet and body, leaving him feeling great. He has now collaborated with Vivobarefoot to put his unique stamp on a new barefoot shoe – the Motus Strength.

2000 pairs are now available to purchase online, check out the campaign below and get your limited-edition pair of Motus strengths now.

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