Dressing Well & Having Style – What’s The Difference?

A well dressed man, and a man with style. Is there a difference?

David Beckham

PAUSE explores the difference between a man with style, and a man who can dress himself well.

Mastering the type of garments which suits you, and knowing the type of style that can complement your frame is not always as straightforward as you may think. There has long been a slight apprehensive view on a man, who not only is able to dress himself well, but one who has studied what looks good on him.

Throwing a Alexander Wang cashmere sweater, over some H&M khaki pants, and teaming it up with ASOS for men suede dessert boots, might make you look well dressed. It doesn’t compare to having your own, tailored to fit custom designed suit created for you, because that is what you can call having style is.

TV Wright 1

Whilst most men who dress well, generally look good, there is something about a man with a unique sense of suaveness.

Words by Murina Abdi

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