PAUSE Opinion: Why black will always be on top

By January 29, 2014Fashion News, Style

If there was ever a constant in fashion it would have to be the colour black. It is ever present in the fashion industry and nobody seems to question it. Why is it that black is always considered fashionable? Here at PAUSE we’ve looked into why black will always be a constant trend for years to come…


We always seem to find ourselves saying: “that would look good if it was in black” and the reason why is that black is a simplifier. Most people love wearing black because of how simplistic it is. It goes with pretty much everything and arguably what it goes best with is black.

Black on black is something more and more people tend to be doing now due to the easy nature of it. The same type of black, as well as different shades of it tend to compliment one another and doesn’t really work in the same way as other colours. It can be layered pretty much endlessly and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing high street or designer, you can’t tell.

Celebrities have also been long advocates of black as a fashion statement. You don’t need to look much further than Kanye West or Jay Z to see celebrities love black as much as we do.

The trend also serves more than just one purpose and works equally well for smart casual or just casual fashion. A plain black tee paired with some black slim fit chinos and it’ll serve a dual purpose. If you’re going straight from the office to socialising, you could add little bits of jewellery to your outfit to give you an even more casual look.

Unlike other trends that have been and gone such as floral, colour blocking and most recently tartan, black elapses them all and is irrelevant regarding the trend cycle. It’s also ignorant towards seasons, working well in autumn, winter and spring, and even the British summer.

So that’s PAUSE’s opinion on why black and black will remain on top. Have you got any other reasons as to why you love black, or do you not consider black fashionable? Get involved and let us know!


Words: Jordan Bunker

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