PUMA Tropicalia Running Pack for Spring/Summer ’14

A couple of days ago we at PAUSE reported the rebirth of the classic Ewing Athletics, and it seems that the comeback of popular 90s footwear is just beginning; PUMA is releasing new looks based on famous silhouettes that shot to fame in the 90s.


With the summer weather rolling in, getting a pair of the fresh PUMA sneakers is a must. The subtle touches of tropical print added to the lining send the trainers into summer, and give a pop of colour that is perfect for the tropical trend. The colourful and vibrant print contrasts perfectly with two separate colourways; a classic dark black look and a modern khaki look that feature hints of colour that give it a unique and contemporary edge, and made of lux heavy canvas materials, the trainer is of excellent quality.

PA3374-15605 PA3374-15601 PA3374-15595
PA3374-15594 PA3374-15591

Set for release on the 12th of April, the new revamped PUMA trainer is on our list of must-haves for Summer fashion.

Words: Akeil Adamson

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