MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Fendi takes the beach to the streets.


At yesterday’s Fendi show, it was all about vacation vibes before the collection even took to the runway. With a delectable azure swimming pool stretching and centring the length the catwalk, the stage was set for a summer holiday, which we were all going on. Silvia Venturini looked to iconic figures from Hockney to Picasso to Einstein and their summer style with nods in painterly prints and retro beach fashion.

It’s a relaxed collection with clever use of fabric and fun references that has us seeking out as much terrycloth and towelling before summer really sets in. The shapes and silhouettes flowed as if stirred by the ocean breeze with sharper tailoring in suits and separates contrasting the casual cool of terrycloth sets. Feeder strips made allusions to vintage deckchairs with pared back pastels and neutrals sitting against bolder colour pops.

While it was overall a very stripy affair, some minimal geometric trims also popped up along with some fun 60s florals and micro dots.

There was a fabric frenzy, approached delicately with quilted nylons, leather, terry and of course, fur reigning the runway in a collection that was both reflective and fittingly contemporary.

See the full Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week below:

001_GUC1116 002_KIM_0022 003_GUC1138 004_KIM_0044 005_GUC1154 006_KIM_0060 007_GUC1168 008_KIM_0081 009_GUC1186 010_KIM_0106 011_GUC1204 012_KIM_0128 013_KIM_0145 014_GUC1222 015_KIM_0166 016_GUC1239 017_KIM_0195 018_GUC1259 019_KIM_0209 020_GUC1279 021_KIM_0232 022_GUC1295 023_KIM_0247 024_GUC1317 025_KIM_0263 026_GUC1335 027_KIM_0289 028_GUC1345 029_KIM_0310 030_GUC1373 031_GUC1391 032_KIM_0334 033_KIM_0359 034_GUC1409 035_KIM_0377 036_GUC1431 037_GUC1441 038_KIM_0394 039_KIM_0421 040_GUC1461 041_KIM_0436 042_GUC1482 043_GUC1503 044_KIM_0458 045_GUC1518 046_KIM_0476 047_GUC1554 048_KIM_0516 049_GUC1534 050_KIM_0496 051_KIM_0536 052_GUC1570 053_GUC1611 060_KIM_0691

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