PFW: Hermès Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Véronique Nichanian injects a strong accent of yellow into the Hermès Spring/Summer 2017 collection.


With leather holding down the routes of Hermès, designer Véronique Nichanian incorporated lambskin into refined jackets, cardigans and trousers with the occasional goatskin t-shirt thrown in. We see a lot of tie-dye prints blooming onto the garments with a touch of camouflage creeping through. Another main element to the collection are the knits; they don’t exactly cry for summer but they work none the less.

Though the undertones of the colour palette may not be all that exciting, Nichanian sure makes a strong effort to bring the collection to attention with the bright yellow accent we see throughout the clothing and spreading onto the ‘weekend away’ accessories

See the full Hermès Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:
_HER0039 _HER0053 _HER0075 _HER0089 _HER0113 _HER0129 _HER0143 _HER0163 _HER0187 _HER0211 _HER0227 _HER0249 _HER0269 _HER0285 _HER0303 _HER0325 _HER0345 _HER0361 _HER0373 _HER0391 _HER0405 _HER0421 _HER0437 _HER0455 _HER0473 _HER0489 _HER0503 _HER0519 _HER0533 _HER0551 _HER0573 _HER0585 _HER0603 _HER0619 _HER0635 _HER0653 _HER0665 _HER0685 _HER0701 _HER0719 _HER0733 _HER0755 _HER0769 _HER0789 _HER0845 _HER0885

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