NYFWM: Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Robert Geller’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection: inspired by the post-punk Berliners of the late 70’s and early 80’s.


Like the New Wave fashion scene of the early 80’s, Geller has used classic tailoring as the bare bones of this collection. Geller then overrules this sharp tailoring with streetwear staples like workman shirts, then deconstructs the ensembles with unusual accessories for good measure. Geller has kept the silhouettes and proportions in the collection relatively tame, but, true to the spirit of post-punk, has inverted the colours you’d expect to see on a classic suit, replacing greys and blues with neon orange and watermelon pink. To balance out the bright tones, gloomy leopard print was incorporated onto jumpsuits, knitwear and jackets. The collection also featured overdyed bombers and jackets artfully pinned with polaroids. Accessory wise, no outfit was complete without a fur pom pom.

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