NYFWM: Palmiers Du Mal Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Palmer Du Mal Spring/Summer 2017 releases a “sense of freedom, exploration and mystery, ”.


Designers Brandon Capps and Shane Fonner created a relaxed and effortless feel to the collection through the use of muted colours and oversized fittings, giving the collection a bold silhouette.

The lineup sported hints of culture as we see Japanese Kimonos, Spanish robes, silk tie scarves and African designs and prints running throughout. The wide-leg trouser proves a staple piece in the collection, some crafted from cotton and others from silk.

Capps and Fonner created the collection with both genders in mind, celebrating the ease, diversity and comfort of the clothing.

See the full Palmiers Du Mal Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below:

01-palmiers-du-mal-2017 02-palmiers-du-mal-2017 04-palmiers-du-mal-2017 05-palmiers-du-mal-2017 06-palmiers-du-mal-2017 08-palmiers-du-mal-2017 09-palmiers-du-mal-2017 11-palmiers-du-mal-2017 14-palmiers-du-mal-2017 17-palmiers-du-mal-2017 18-palmiers-du-mal-2017 19-palmiers-du-mal-2017 20-palmiers-du-mal-2017 22-palmiers-du-mal-2017 24-palmiers-du-mal-2017 25-palmiers-du-mal-2017 26-palmiers-du-mal-2017 28-palmiers-du-mal-2017 29-palmiers-du-mal-2017 31-palmiers-du-mal-2017 32-palmiers-du-mal-2017 33-palmiers-du-mal-2017 34-palmiers-du-mal-2017

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