NYFWM: Timo Weiland Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Timo Weiland brings back block colours and bombers down the runway.

01-timo-weiland-2017The team, made up of Timo Weiland, Donna Kang and Alan Eckstein, created a menswear collection inspired by “human movement” and “all walks of life,”. The collection features knitted ties belonging to his Grandfather. Kang states “Ultimately, we were thinking about what matters to families, things that are handed down from generation to generation.”

The collection consists of plenty of thin knits with bold block colours, as well as the occasional silk shirt and shorts, adding a relaxed luxury element. Where most of the designs are fairly minimal, the odd pattern of leopard print appears on jackets and on shirts under the ready-to-buy bomber and suede jackets, which are a stable piece to ones wardrobe.

See the full Timo Weiland Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below: 02-timo-weiland-2017 03-timo-weiland-2017 04-timo-weiland-2017 05-timo-weiland-2017 06-timo-weiland-2017 07-timo-weiland-2017 08-timo-weiland-2017 09-timo-weiland-2017 10-timo-weiland-2017 11-timo-weiland-2017 12-timo-weiland-2017 13-timo-weiland-2017 14-timo-weiland-2017 15-timo-weiland-2017 16-timo-weiland-2017 17-timo-weiland-2017 18-timo-weiland-2017 19-timo-weiland-2017 20-timo-weiland-2017 21-timo-weiland-2017 22-timo-weiland-2017 23-timo-weiland-2017 24-timo-weiland-2017 25-timo-weiland-2017 26-timo-weiland-2017 27-timo-weiland-2017

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