Yohji Yamamoto is the ‘Master of the Shadows’

Words of wisdom and all things adidas with legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Y-3 have released a short documentary titled ‘Master of the Shadows’ in which Yohji Yamamoto discusses his collaboration with adidas, a union that started 13 years ago, and his passion for design.

Yamamoto talks about how Y-3 was spawned out a time when he was feeling uninspired by fashion, feeling he had ‘come too far from the streets’. In a bid to change his tone, he took to the streets of the major cities, New York, Paris, Tokyo, to reconnect; and he noticed ‘so many running people’. This is when he decided, ‘time to start caring about the body’ – with a personal phone call to adidas, Y-3 was born.

The beautiful combination of sporty and elegant, Y-3’s futuristic sportswear continues to impress.

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