MFW: No. 21 Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

A collection that thrives on the rebellious teen sprit.

No21_PAUSE8Let’s go back to student campuses in Milan, Paris, Berlin and California in the 70s. Let’s reflect on the daring attitude that the seventies brought to young people as they rebelled into freedom.

The designer of No. 21, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, used this as a focus point for the Fall/Winter 2017 collection. He drew from the demonstrations that occurred at that time and took aspects from it to guide his designs, be it from the revolutionary and relentless behaviour or the style of the era.

Dell’Acqua stated, “I wanted to express the idea of freedom and how it’s as relevant today as it was then”.

He used materials such as eco-shearling, wool, nylon-Duchesse and neoprene in mixtures of tonal and vibrant colours. The collection explores interesting detailing, including toggles on heavy fur coats and interrupted stitching on knitwear as Dell’Acqua re-imagines wardrobe essentials into a fresher, newer style.

See the full No. 21 Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week Men’s below

No21_PAUSE8 No21_PAUSE11 No21_PAUSE12 No21_PAUSE14 No21_PAUSE13 No21_PAUSE15 No21_PAUSE16 No21_PAUSE18 No21_PAUSE17 No21_PAUSE19 No21_PAUSE20 No21_PAUSE2 No21_PAUSE21 No21_PAUSE22 No21_PAUSE24 No21_PAUSE23 No21_PAUSE25 No21_PAUSE26 No21_PAUSE27 No21_PAUSE28 No21_PAUSE29 No21_PAUSE30 No21_PAUSE3 No21_PAUSE31 No21_PAUSE32 No21_PAUSE4 No21_PAUSE6 No21_PAUSE5 No21_PAUSE7 No21_PAUSE9No21_PAUSE10No21_PAUSE1

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