PFW: Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

“They should just let us rave” cries Kris Van Assche.


Dior Homme designer, Kris Van Assche,  yearned to capture the essence of the trends of the Instagram-era, whilst remaining to grip on to the roots of the brand. He felt the art of tailoring had been lost throughout the years, especially when it comes to the young generations’ trends. So, what better solution than to compromise?

“So much has been said about young people not wanting to wear tailoring anymore, like tailoring is over and everybody is doing jeans and sweatshirts and sportswear, and I feel like we at Dior should just reinvent the suit so that it will appeal to young people,” stated Kris Van Assche.

The Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2017 collection takes an edgy twist on traditional tailoring. Suit trousers have a cropped cut, jackets have shorter arm lengths and the detailings are beyond traditional. Brash colours and questionable prints have been formed into oversized coats and full-piece suits; looks which certainly demand attention. Kris Van Assche turned to the ‘boy clubbing’ scene of the early 90s to create the collection labelled as HARDIOR (hardcore Dior).

We, personally, love the pinstriped designs and the bucked trouser cuffs, but we see why the more traditional generation would frown at the new spin off of tailoring.

See the full Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week:

Dior-Homme_PAUSE2 Dior-Homme_PAUSE3 Dior-Homme_PAUSE4 Dior-Homme_PAUSE5 Dior-Homme_PAUSE6 Dior-Homme_PAUSE7 Dior-Homme_PAUSE8 Dior-Homme_PAUSE9 Dior-Homme_PAUSE10 Dior-Homme_PAUSE11 Dior-Homme_PAUSE12 Dior-Homme_PAUSE13 Dior-Homme_PAUSE14 Dior-Homme_PAUSE15 Dior-Homme_PAUSE16 Dior-Homme_PAUSE17 Dior-Homme_PAUSE18 Dior-Homme_PAUSE19 Dior-Homme_PAUSE20 Dior-Homme_PAUSE21 Dior-Homme_PAUSE22 Dior-Homme_PAUSE23 Dior-Homme_PAUSE24 Dior-Homme_PAUSE25 Dior-Homme_PAUSE26 Dior-Homme_PAUSE27 Dior-Homme_PAUSE28 Dior-Homme_PAUSE29 Dior-Homme_PAUSE30 Dior-Homme_PAUSE31 Dior-Homme_PAUSE32 Dior-Homme_PAUSE33 Dior-Homme_PAUSE34 Dior-Homme_PAUSE35 Dior-Homme_PAUSE36 Dior-Homme_PAUSE37 Dior-Homme_PAUSE38 Dior-Homme_PAUSE39 Dior-Homme_PAUSE40 Dior-Homme_PAUSE41 Dior-Homme_PAUSE42 Dior-Homme_PAUSE43 Dior-Homme_PAUSE44 Dior-Homme_PAUSE45 Dior-Homme_PAUSE46 Dior-Homme_PAUSE47 Dior-Homme_PAUSE48 Dior-Homme_PAUSE49

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