Eastwood Danso Teams Up with OBS

By October 9, 2017Fashion News, Style

Eastwood Danso x OBS.


Collaborations seem to be popping up all over the place, especially now that we are getting into the autumn and winter seasons. This always leads to companies trying to prove that they have the coolest friends on the fashion ‘playground’, well now there are two new kids at the school and they are happy to let those others argue while they focus on what matters, the products.

Although the term ‘new kids’ may be a little bit harsh, there is no arguing that Eastwood Danso and OBS aren’t the typical names you hear thrown around when people talk about releases. However, this doesn’t mean that what they have to offer isn’t worth talking about, because it is.  The two are coming together to bring a small, but exciting collection to the table with the capsule including a wide variety of items for its size, from corduroy socks to rings and trench coats to side-bags, all in a variety of colours.

As for inspiration, the two have let it be known that the collaboration is meant to reflect “the place one is born and the places one has been raised”. This was said to be how Danso made his connection with the OBS – the Berlin-based company – as he was born and raised for 11 years in Germany himself.

This collection is available now so you can go grab yourself some merch from the OBS website. However, there will be some exclusive colours at Eizenstein (London retailer) and some other selected retailers still to be announced.

For now, check out our highlights of the capsule below.


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