‘Supreme’ and ‘United for Puerto Rico’ Come Together

By October 10, 2017Fashion News

The Supreme Brooklyn Box Logo tee.


This year Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island, was devastated by the hurricanes Maria and Imra. However, gestures of kindness are allowing locals to start getting back on their feet. One of those gestures is the teaming-up up of Supreme and the United for Puerto Rico charity.

The charity uses donations to provide aid and support to those who have been affected by the natural disaster. That’s where Supreme comes in, the company decided to stock the infamously popular Brooklyn Box Logo tee online, and redirect 100% of the proceeds to the United for Puerto Rico charity.

So far we don’t know how much the Supreme community was able to raise, but of course, the tee sold out immediately so we can only imagine that it was a huge success.

Please take the time to visit the United for Puerto Rico website below and donate whatever you can.


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