Introducing MACKINTOSH and Maison Margiela’s Two Exclusive Trench Coats

By December 8, 2017Fashion News, Style

Get ready for the spring/summer season.

MACKINTOSH have teamed up with Maison Margiela in order to create two exclusive trench coat designs for their menswear Spring Summer 2018 collection. The pieces were inspired by the iconic white lab coat worn by the Maison Margiela collective, the white iteration of the garment is the first of its kind on Mackintosh’s extensive colour palette. Furthermore, the piece features various other Margiela details, specifically the white horn buttons, the brushed steel eyelets and the trademark four stitches on the back of the trench coat. As for the second design, it aims to reflect the coat found in the Mackintosh archives. However, that doesn’t mean it’s nothing new as the garment has been revamped using the décortiqué technique. This process is where the garment’s layers are peeled back to reveal they’re essential frames.

The two designs will drop in MACKINTOSH and Maison Margiela stores, as well as selected multi-brand stores, at the end of December.

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