All H&M Stores in South Africa Close Due to Protests Over “Monkey” Hoodie

By January 14, 2018Fashion News

Luckily none of the staff or customers have been injured.

After H&M posted an image online of a black child wearing a hoodie that featured the text “coolest monkey in the jungle” they have witnessed continuous backlash. Not only have a few of their celebrity collaborators cut ties with them, but all of their stores based in South Africa have been temporarily closed due to protesters trashing them.

Various individuals took to social media in order to document the state of the retail spaces after protestors representing South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters threw mannequins and racks of clothing around leaving all 17 of the South African store’s stock on the floor. Soon after this H&M stated in an email that “out of concern for the safety of our employees and customers we have temporarily closed all stores in the area.” Although as of yet there has been no news revealing when the label plan to reopen the shops, we will have to wait and see.