Palace Makes Fun of Fashion’s Relationship with Skating In Latest Advert

By January 31, 2018Fashion News

Palace does it again.

Over the last few years Palace Skateboards’ laid-back and chilled approach to the industry has set them apart from the rest, and yet again we have an example of what kind of behavior makes them so refreshing.

Their recent advert took the form of posters sported by double-decker buses around London that featured a female model photographed carrying a variety of Palace shopping bags down the high street while wearing a sleek outfit and pair of high-heels. Furthermore, the image saw the word “Palace” written starkly to the left, while the label’s flagship addresses and a modest “Skateboarding Equipment” description made an appearance to the right.

At the moment many believe the campaign – which you can see below – was designed to poke fun at the fact that the fashion industry is currently misunderstanding the skate scene and are selling to an audience they don’t fully understand. Whether you agree with the message or not, you can’t deny the campaign isn’t funny!