After a huge revamp, the Hotel Eiffel Blomet is looking new and fresh to welcome the public. With the hotel being just a few steps from the landmark that is the Eiffel Tower, and is neighbours to the infamous Bal Blomet, also known as the “Bal Nègre”, the famous cabaret and art venue famous for its iconic jazz sounds.

With 9 suites, and 78 rooms, all the rooms boast a bright and spacious ambience, decorated with stylish 1930’s art decor inspiration.

The staff were extremely helpful, attentive and were on call whenever needed. The breakfast buffet was a delight, located in the inner courtyard laced with greenery and a crisp clean design. The hotel also offers the ‘Honesty Bar’, a bar to suit anything and everything your taste buds desires, with an impressive relaxing atmosphere, we already felt at home when we arrived, not to mention the crystal clear swimming pool located in the spa, which also holds a sauna, hammam, massages and a fitness gym.

The hotel, which is a symbol of 1930’s Art Deco architecture remains a traditional and iconic hotel in Paris, representing the hight of Parisian architecture and culture, and with its comfortable and welcoming environment makes it a must visit hotel when staying in Paris.

Check out the hotel and all its beauty below.

Click Here To Visit The Hotel Eiffel Blomet
Click Here To Visit The Hotel Eiffel Blomet

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