Stone Island Releases Brightly Coloured Agile Outerwear Capsule

By April 13, 2018Fashion News

Undeniably eye catching.

After dropping a few utility pieces last week Stone Island have decided to drop a new “Lamy Velour” outerwear capsule to contribute to the Italian luxury brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 offerings. The new collection aims to supply agile garments with plenty of functionality and style, in order to achieve this the brand opted for a “Hyper Light Nylon Tela” material when constructing the pieces. This forward-thinking textile has been implemented in both the stand-up collar jackets and hooded full-zip jackets.

As for the designs, Stone Island have chosen a wide array of colours from the more subtle options such as the burgundy, to more vivid hues such as greens, blues and pinks. All of these are then protected via the use of a unique substance that is coated over the garments to provide anti water and wind functionality. Take a look at the capsule below, if you like the look of it click the following button to pick up your favourite pieces.

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