PAUSE Drinks: Every Cloud

By August 15, 2018Fashion News, Lifestyle, Restaurant

If you are thinking this watering hole is related to a recent post on the restaurant Silver Lining, you have guessed right.

This cool and calm bar sits next door in Hackney Central.



It will take a while to order a drink here. Nothing to do with the service, the menu is hilarious.

You will want to read it cover to cover before you make your choice. My Hip Hop & Collins is described as

“Tastes like the hay-based farm girl rumpy-pumpy you read about a lot.”


It was Gin/aromatic/rosehip. They don’t over do it with listing ingredients, they give you the jist of it.


With this bar opened later that Silver Lining, its the perfect spot to the continue the night.

Opening times and contact for booking. 


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