SPOTTED: The Beckhams Dressing for New Year

A lot of recognisable faces.

If any family are going to throw a good New Year’s Eve party, it’s the Beckhams, in fact, the clan are said to have spent over £30,000 on the celebration and judging by the pictures it was worth it.

However, of course the family need to pause and take a moment to snap themselves a family photo, in which we see David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper all embrace each other. As for what they were wearing, David sported a sleek emerald-coloured suit, Victoria rocked a black dress and Brooklyn was adorned in a country-style fit. Most notably Romeo turned to a recently-released Dior branded tee when it came to his look.

Take a look at the family opposite, if you want to cop Romeo’s tee then click the following button.


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