Wales Bonner Explores African Heritage for Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

By February 19, 2019Fashion News

Inspired by the first black university.

Wales Bonner not long ago took to the runway at London Fashion Week in order to display their Fall/Winter 2019 collection in spectacular fashion.

As for what to expect, at London Fashion Week the brand showed off their range of pieces and made it clear that the full collection was inspired by African heritage and  Grace Wales Bonner’s own African roots. Specifically, the Grace stated that she “was inspired by black intellectual dress at Howard University, the first black university,” and that after she looked through the imagery of the students sporting garbs such as macs and varsity jackets she was able to reflect this combination of American and African cultures in her own collection.

Take a look at Wales Bonner’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection below.

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