It's time to glow at night.

Midnight is a streetwear fashion brand which unifies art, street culture and the melancholy of the night. It stands for people who strive for more in life, for people who are able to surpass their limits to achieve their goals. Launching their new Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Midnight draws inspiration from the daily life and picks up the roots of the brand in the melancholy of the night times and the desire to change something – a theme seen throughout the whole capsule collection.

MIDNIGHT introduces 90s inspired silhouettes and combines these with modern customizing techniques. Every piece of the collection is handmade with the intention to create a unique item. Therefore, different production techniques and materials are used, like screen printing, spraying and tailoring. Mainly all products are made of cotton and polyester.

The Collection features notable pieces like a sprayed neon jacket, a screen painted neon t-shirt and a tailored college jacket.

All pieces are available through MIDNIGHTs online shop:


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