The Best of the Best in Men’s High Fashion Jewelry – 2023 Jeweler’s Choice Winners

By July 20, 2023Guest Post

Each year the Jeweler’s Choice Awards sets out to select some of the most amazing and forward-thinking designs from mainstream marques and up-and-coming creators alike in this ever-evolving space.

2023’s winners have recently been announced, with a preeminent judging panel consisting of industry professionals as well as influencers making their decisions across a range of categories.

While most of the jewelry featured is aimed at women, there is a men-specific category that’s crammed with impressive examples of contemporary designs, as well as a selection of exceptional gender-neutral pieces which also received accolades.

So with all that in mind, let’s get right ahead and discuss a few of the winners and notable mentions worth shouting about.

Parlé Jewelry Designs

First up, it’s worth giving attention to Parlé, a brand that was selected by a combination of the influencers and editors who were part of the judging panel as being their pick of this year’s entries priced at over $2,500. So while it might not have won the overall award in the Men’s category, it certainly has enough eye-catching creations to drop the jaws of consumer-facing movers and shakers.

In particular it was its spider-styled lapel pin that brought it accolades, with its arachnid-inspired design combining 14K yellow gold with a mix of black diamonds to represent the eight eyes of this animal species, and a bulbous fire opal standing in for its abdomen.

This one-of-a-kind piece is a calling card for Parlé, and so it’s not something which the average consumer can just pick up for themselves. However, when jewelry like this makes waves, it’s not long before other makers are inspired to emulate it, so hope is not lost for men who want a spidery lapel pin to add to their collection this year.

Omi Privé

An established brand with a growing audience, Omi Privé was the main winner of the Men’s $2,500+ category at the Jeweler’s Choice Awards. And the piece that pushed it over the line ahead of its rivals was made up of not one, but two bejeweled items. We are of course talking about cufflinks, which if you want to dress effortlessly are a must.

Decked out with richly, robustly colored green gems, and set in a bling-tastic silver-look metal main piece, each cufflink manages to be head-turning while still retaining that essential masculine energy that you’d expect from such a product.

While it might not be within reach of the average budget, it’s still an example of how wearing cufflinks is about more than just keeping dress shirt sleeves together. It’s about making a statement.


We’ve covered the winners in the higher price bracket, but what about those that were recognized for ticking all the boxes while costing under $2,500? The chosen brand in this niche was Thorsten, with its tungsten carbide ring encircled with a slim band of black gems really wowing those responsible for whittling down the shortlisted products.

Over on you can explore 2023 Jeweler’s Choice winners in more detail, and it’s definitely worth it in order to get the full impact of this particular piece.

What makes Thorsten’s creation worth celebrating is the fact that the way the stones are set is a little out of the ordinary. It almost looks as if it’s a seam of coal, running through a golden-hued vein of rock. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, and it definitely represents modern jewelry design sensibilities at their finest.

Lika Behar Collection

Last of all, the winner in the gender neutral category came from Lika Behar, and should appeal to both men and women thanks to its clever interweaving of different materials to make a two-tone bracelet that’s also a singularly special piece.

The melding of masculinity and femininity is often a hard balance to strike, yet somehow this plaudit-showered example achieves it effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

We’re in a golden age of jewelry right now, pun intended. The 2023 Jeweler’s Choice Awards showcases this in a great way, and it’s definitely worth reviewing the entire list of nominees and winners across all of the other categories if you’ve got a few moments to spare on your lunch break.

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