VETEMENTS Creative Director Starts Brotherly Beef over Sock Shoe

By December 19, 2023Fashion News

Guram Gvasalia V.S. The World.

VETEMENTS and Guram Gvasalia have called out Ye and Balenciaga in a feud over originality. Or, in what Gvasalia is claiming, the lack there of.

Guram is one-half of the Gvasalia brothers, with the other being Demna, the storied creative lead at Balenciaga who can’t seem to keep his name out of the main stream media. This past week, Guram and VETEMENTS jointly posted a picture of its Karate Sneakers on Instagram with the caption reading:

“The original flat sock sneaker since 2019 engineered by VETEMENTS. Accept no imitations #NothingBeatsTheOriginal.”

While the post doesn’t directly name-drop Ye or Balenciaga, the post comes almost immediately following both brand’s release of their own sock shoe. 

The brotherly duo have had a history of beef following their hire at their respective brands in 2015 and 2016. In 2021, Guram spoke to the New York Times where he said “he got certain opportunities in life earlier. But if you consider where I am today, where my brother was when he was my age, I think I’m far more advanced.” He doubled down on his feelings towards his brother by saying, “Balenciaga always releases news on the day of our show, so I feel it’s only fair. They announced Demna’s appointment on my birthday.”

As it currently stands Ye and Demna have yet to respond to the criticism. Ye is currently looking towards the release of his next studio album, reportedly scheduled to be released later this month. 

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