Best Dressed At The BET Awards 2013

It’s that time of the year where the industry’s best, viagra put on their best, to decide whose the best amongst them. Although there where a few fashion faux paus (at the hands of Trinidad James, 2 Chainz and French Montanna), there still remained a few diamonds within the rubble in the form of dapper rappers such as T.I and Nelly. From the cool and causal to the suited and booted, here are the 5 best dressed men of the BET Awards, 2013.

1. Miguel

Miguel went for the laid-back look, but was sure not to forget that this was a smart casual event. His Alexander McQueen swallow bird print button shirt was left to speak for itself as he kept his outfit sweet and simple with minimal accessories.

2. Pharrell

Never-ageing pretty boy Pharrell Williams has already revealed his soft spot for going sockless in the Blurred Lines video, a trend he took to the red carpet at the BET Awards. A crisp, clean take on the modern dandy.

3. Nelly

Nelly’s come along from his perma-plaster on cheek, durag days. This simple, all grey ensemble keeps him looking causal but a few trimmings of bling here and there ensure he certainly isn’t under-dressed

4. T.I

T.I looks smooth as ever, as he appears to have taken a leaf out of his Blurred Lines co stars books. A sharp suit teamed with sunnies has him looking cool and comfortable, and has earned him a well deserved spot on our best dressed list.

5. Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke, (pictured here with his beautiful wife) shows us playing it safe is not always a bad thing. His sharp suit/crisp white unbuttoned shirt routine has been seen many times before but is yet to go awry.

Words by Yomi Adegoke

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