Adidas Originals Cardboard Replicas

By December 3, 2013Fashion News, Sneakers

British designer Chris Anderson has replicated some of the most iconic Adidas Originals’ styles out of cardboard. The graphic designer has created the cardboard sneakers for The Chimp Store in Leeds in preparation for the Adidas footwear landing in their store in 2014, meaning the cardboard replicas are a little look into what Adidas have in store for next year. He has managed to create a number of iconic Adidas styles such as Stan Smith, Superstar shelltoe, Campus models, ZX700 and ZX8000. The models have been made to scale and created out of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, whilst still being able to capture even the most minute details of the well-loved sneakers.



Words by Jordan Bunker

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