Vinti Andrews 2014 Fall Lookbook

By January 19, 2014Fashion News

The emerging street wear designer Vinti Andrews is doing everything right this fall. Using inspiration from the motocross scene and voodoo the colour pallet consists mainly of black. But using a variation of impressive fabric choices, cut and print. This collection has most definitely been set aside from the rest.1537577_278257228990781_1663038094_o

Captivating hand embroidery was used to recreate heavy metal tour t-shirts. Incorporating mesh with sleek and textured fabrics finished with elbow and knee-pad details this collection is destined to be a success. The styling encompassed oversized shorts with matching hoodies with leggings. The use of chunky silver jewellery and Nike sneakers were included in the attention to detail. The location sets the mood extremely well for the lookbook and doesn’t take the eye away from the model.

Shredding, panelling and patchwork of which Vinti is known for made an appearance in the form of jackets and trousers. Blending of velvets, manmade polyesters and leather make this collection one of the ones to watch.

The look to remember has to be the monochrome hooded jacket with cropped panelled trousers over black leggings. Completed with a thermal sensitive feline t-shirt which changes colour from white to red. The attention to detail is prodigious.

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Words by Emma Williamson

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