Brand Watch: Nicce Clothing

By February 1, 2014Fashion News

Nicce Clothing is a clothing brand based in East London and was created in 2013. The intentions of Nicce is to design a brand that focuses on clean design, simplicity in print and working with a monochrome colour palette.

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Their latest collection, order the ‘002 collection’, more about draws inspiration from a sports varsity angle and takes its look from items such as badge logos, baseball text and sports attire. To adapt the trend to tie-in with the Nicce Clothing style, they stuck with keeping things clean and simple. The brand handpicked what they liked from the varsity trend in order to keep things minimal and allow them to focus on what they really like.

With the brand relatively new, 002 was also about extending their range to sweats, hoodies and raglan baseball style tees.

003 is already underway according to Nicce, with them wanting to broaden their existing range of products so they can get everyone head to toe and accessorised in Nicce.

The ‘002 collection’ is available to buy here.

Words: Jordan Bunker

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