Serge Denimes: #Krump Lifestyle Video – #LiveSerge

By March 29, 2014Fashion News

The reason why so many of us love clothes is because they help us express who we are and show appreciation for beauty in life. When you dress well, sharing your creative look with people it may even inspire others. Well, in the end we all need something to wear when we do what we love best and talent mix very well with style.

Life and lifestyle blends together with fashion which is exactly what Serge DeNimes, founded by Oliver Proudlock, aims for. This artistic community founded in 2011 got both design and quality in their much unisex look, attracting young creative’s, street-wise and fashion conscious all over the world.

The Serge DeNimes is now presenting the first in a series of lifestyle videos. So keep your eyes open and follow their great work online

Words by Anna Ahren


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